How To Avoid A Low Home Appraisal

If you are looking to avoid a low home appraisal, then you need to know What causes low appraisals.

When it comes to appraisal and items to fix, you need to look for return for value.  You don’t want to rebuild the house to get a higher appraisal as its not with it.  Items such as leaky basement is some thing you cant easily fix but there are minor items like a damaged doorknob or a leaky faucet is easy to fix.  When appraiser walked through a house, they only look for visible items.. They dont go inside the walls or roof and attic like an inspector.  As far as you are presenting the property, its helps to avoid a lower appraisal value.  Its always helps to consult with a licensed appraiser. We are here to help and we can be reached via