Home Appraisal – Tips for higher home appraisals


One of the question home owners always ask us is how to get higher value in home appraisals.  Specially when it comes to an investment property appraisal, higher appraisal value helps with capital gains.  If you are moving from your primary residence and making it at rental and finding a new home, then its ideal to do an appraisal before you rent it.  The condition would be in more desirable condition when an owner occupies a property rather a non-owner.  So rather leaving it till Revenue Canada ask for an appraisal, its ideal to have it done early.

2nd clean up the property.  Even though it doesn’t make much of a difference on the value, Its creates an opinion that would stay on appraisers mind while they produce the report.  When they recall the home, they should recall it as “oh that messy house”  Rather they should be able to recall it as the one looked like a staged home.  This definitely will help.