Getting an appraisal | How to prepare your home?

When it comes to value, Appraiser and home buyers or sellers always conflict.  Most of the time Realtors also have their own opinion.  At the end of the day, its appraisers who get the final say.  lenders always rely on the appraised value to make their lending decisions.  In order for a deal to close or to get the financing that required, A home should present right.

So lets see how to prepare.


-Pre Listing appraisal or early appraisal

Most of the time, Home owners or buyers do a property inspection.  This is to identify any issues in the property and also to learn whats out there so buyers are prepared.  When it comes to value, most of the time, buyers and sellers always listened to realtors.   In most cases, It would be buyers best interest to have a home inspection and also an appraisal before making the deal firm.  This would help to determine the value rather waiting till last minute.  Also in sellers perspective, It would help them what price range they are looking to sell and what to expect as once listed.

-Clean your home.

Buyers looked at your mint condition home and offered you the dollars that you didn’t expect.  Now the home sold and you are tired and let the routine life style to take over.  Things are every where and kids started to leave foods on the table.  Unclean homes lowers the appeal.  Comparable that appraiser going to look at is the fancy pictures on MLS where nice and stages.  Compare to those, your home going to look inferior.  This will significantly lower the numbers.  So clean your home and arrange as it would be for sale.